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DIY American Flag Crop Top

I actually made this last summer but it seems to be a popular theme in fashion this year.

I used newspapers as “rulers” to create straight lines and shield the spray and cut stars from sponges to create the stars.

They’re oddly shaped, made from the leftover triangle sponge scraps from my DIY galaxy shorts


I got this idea from an old American Girl room decoration book. I believe it was originally used as a daisy pot and was made from an empty tin can. You can also switch up the colors or customize it however you like. This is convenient, useful, and super easy to make!

Galaxy High Waisted Denim Shorts


who wants to buy a corsage that I made for prom? (or I’ll make more if needed). It’s fake so it’ll last forever! It’s even outlasted my manicure lol. I’ll probably sell them for like $12.

finally got around to finding a way to storing my bracelets and watches! two toilet paper rolls taped together and wrapped in tissue paper. Used an old belt that ripped and is too short to use as a belt.

Here’s a link to the bracelet on the left.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
where can we purchase those "eliminate" bracelets?
iceproductions iceproductions Said:

I have a Paypal account and you can send me your name and address via Tumblr or email. 

The address for both Paypal and email is inspirecreateentertain@gmail.com 

Just a reminder, it’s 1 for $3 or 2 for $5. Thanks! :]

Wristbands 2 for $5.00

(Light Blue/White and Dark Blue/White, as pictured)

100% of proceeds goes toward the cause. 

Help Kiwanis, Unicef, and Key Club completely eliMiNaTe maternal/neonatal tetanus!

For More Information, Please Visit:

The Website

The 30 Second Spot

The 6 Minute Informational Video

Lego Love Hearts

Keychain - $4.00

Necklace - $6.00

Coming soon!